…with yet another attempt.

I find myself, every so often, with the desire to learn a new language or programming paradigm, and then a few days later I get bored with it and go back to C#. It’s not that I am giving up on those dreams, I just get caught up with…other things (like editing and re-editing the same post, again and again, for two weeks *sigh*). I’m not a perfectionist. I don’t have the idea that my work is good and I have to make it great. On the contrary, I feel as though my work is sub-par, and so I constantly try to re-work it into a satisfactory state. The problem is that all of this fixing stops me from moving on to the next item on my list-of-to-do.

I’ve read and re-read this article from Scott Hanselman, and I have tried to use it, in the past, to motivate me to keep improving myself. Now, I don’t intend to dwell on my shortcomings for this entire post. I just want to point out my *new plan* for this site. My goal is to track my progress into a new realm as well as my journey through an existing one. I hope this will help others as much as I hope it helps me.

New Ideas

Most of my recent projects have all revolved around website creation. Although my background is in .Net, I’ve been pulled into WordPress. I’m not implying any sort of displeasure with this. As a matter of fact, I’ve been very pleased with the speed/ease in which you can get a simple site up and running. Unfortunately, my PHP skills are lacking. So here’s my plan:


  1. I’m going (to try my darndest) to practice my php-fu everyday that I’m at home and in front of my computer (which is not everyday) and track my progress here.


  1. My ¬†goal is to learn and implement a new keyword/algorithm/paradigm or refactor some existing code weekly. This is easier said than done because, although I develop for a living, it’s not for a software company. Expectations for my job are to, quickly, make things works. Refactoring is normally out-of-scope.
  2. I’m going to try my hand at some Project Euler problems.
  3. Also, I’m going to get my hand on an open source project and try my best to understand it.

This seems like quite an undertaking, and it may be a tad bit too much to begin with but I’ll work that out as I go along. In the mean time…

Happy Coding!